Our class went to visit Kevin’s St. Library and we got books. It was deadly because there were old books, new books, DVDs and CDs.
The first thing we had to do was sit down and listen to the librarian. Then she let us look around and me and Cian looked for pigeon books. We could not take some of the books so the man in the library photocopied pages and gave them to us.
Then I got Top Gear, the official annual 2011. It is a great book. I showed my card and the librarian put my name on the computer.
Then we had to go but on the way home we went to Marsh’s Library, the oldest public library in Ireland. We went in and we thought there was a ghost there. We walked up the stairs and the library looked very, very old. Afterwards we went into a very big room with over a million books and they were over 400 yeas old. We saw the book with the bullet hole, the cages where you could read books and heard the story about the Archbishop and the ghost. On the way out we saw them cleaning the books. It was a very cool day.
Alex U. 5th Class

A Valentines Poem by Clive Corrigan 5th Class

The sky is shining, the moon is bright,

I think I might ask her out tonight.

If she says no, I’ll cry with shame,

My tearful tears will be tame.

I’m getting dressed, I bought a suit,

I bought it from the tailors boot.

If its not nice I’ll cry in shame,

My tearful tears will be tame.

I’m at her house with rosy red flowers,

And a diamond ring she’ll wear in the shower,

For if its not nice I’ll cry with shame,

My tearful tears will be tame.