Spring has arrived in Franner and Mr Burke’s class are busy sowing fruit and vegetables. This year 3rd and 4th class are taking part in the Incredibile Edibles programme. This programme teaches the children about healthy eating and gives tips on how to grow your own. Before midterm we set up our garden in the corner of the school yard. It’s only small but we’re hoping to grow carrots, lettuce, turnip and strawberries in it. We have also sowed potatoes, parsley, cabbage, tomatoes and sweet corn in the classroom. This week some of our plants started to appear from under the soil which was very exciting. The boys have a roster in class and each boy gets the chance to water and take care of the plants. This week the boys had great fun planting all the crops and they also planted some flowers to put on the windowsills in school. We’re hoping for a successful harvest in June.