When the garda vans pulled up outside the school everyone got really excited. We walked down to the stairs of the school, came out and got in the vans. The people who drove the vans were named Niall and Brendan. Kieran, Dylan and I were singing songs and chatting until we reached our destination. We all stormed out of the van and ran around for a bit. When we were all settled down we were told to find a useful stick to help get up the mountain. Most of the sticks were huge so I just looked for one that would do the job. When we all got our sticks we came back down. Liam told us we are about to climb Mount Pellier now. We hiked up a tiny bit of the mountain, but we were determined to make it to the top. I was getting tired but I pushed myself to get to the top. We reached a giant boulder, so
we all climbed on top and got our picture taken. Next we started to get to the top and before we knew it we’d made it to the the top already. We all trampled up the stairs of the Hell Fire Club and gathered in a small room. We were told the story of the Hell Fire Club and then we did a little ceromony to hear a scary monkey ghost sound. It was time to play the football match, during the game Troy and I wandered off to run around the Hell Fire Club a few times but there was no sign of the Devil. After the football match we played a game of rounders. I was on Liam’s team. Unfortunatly we lost, the score was a whopping 11-2. After rounders we strolled through Massey’s Woods in search of tree names, the team with the most names win. The winners were not announced untill a few dats later. We walked for about 30 minutes until we finaly reached the lake. It was freezing but fun! Five minutes later I reached the King’s chair. At first I was nervous but I faced my fear and jumped down. I was wet, my feet were sore but I was HAPPY! We all got dried and changed and set off to the vans. I was kind of sad to go but it was a Super-de-Duper time. Two days later the team who won the tree competition was announced, my team won and we all got choco-biscuits mmmmm….. I had a brilliant time and I’d love to go again.