On the 14th of June our class went to Carlingford for our school trip. It was brilliant. When we got there first we put our bags in lockers and got into wetsuits then we got the paddles and we got into the canoes. The man said we had to race over to the other side of the lake. We all had to stand up in our canoes. Most of us fell out and topeled our boats. Then we went over to the pier and jumped off it was fun. Then we went over to the lockers and got our clothes and got changed. When we were ready we went across the road and got hot food. After that we chilled out and played volley ball, snooker and ping pong. We then got the bus up to the challenge course. We split into groups of eight and did the course. There is one obstical that you have to build a bridge and twist a barrel and put the other one on. There was all mucky water around it and Clayton, Warren G, Troy, Craig, Ryan and more peaple fell in. Lastly our team did the 3D maze. It was pure darkness and it was so warm. Then we got the bus home it was a very long jurney home. It was the best trip in Franner ever!