This is a poem about my family

and also my friends and me.

I’m Sean M. eleven years old,

my dog’s almost four and he hates the cold!

He hates all the cats on the street

and he really loves eating meat.

My Mam’s up next.

She leaves us all perplexed.

She cooks and clean even when she’s sick,

when she makes jokes we get a good kick.

It’s my dads turn this time,he works in blenders making sauces,

there are fork lifts around so he has to be cautious !

he has a Hyundai GLS car.

he drives me places near and far.

My last friend Cameron I cant forget

he likes my dog but has no pet.

He likes Xbox and football,

We’re so alike and not very tall,

we’re together nine times out of ten,

I hope nothing bad will ever happen.

My cousin Dean is a laugh,

he loves canoeing and going on rafts.

Footballs his favourite sport ever,

if you tell him to stop he’ll say never!

BY SEAN M (6th Class)