Yesterday Mr. Doyle’s class challenged us to a match in the Cabbage Patch. The two classes were split up into two teams and the team who won would be decided by an aggregate score over all four games played.
As everyone probably knows, 6th class were victorious with a 11-6 aggregate score.
In 6th classes team A last game it was a close encounter with the final score being 5-3 to 6th class with the last goal provided by a fantastic cross-bar and in header by Ryan Dunne.
Also in 6th class’ team B’s last game they won 6-1 with the last goal from a cracking volley by Darragh Freeman.

By Damien Doyle and Darragh Freeman.
bbage patch

  1. Hard luck Mr. Doyle, grt game

  2. Well done boys!! I think we should have a winner takes all final challenge!

  3. Bring it on!

  4. we are the best

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