Ms. Feeney’s 2nd class thought one way to help Dublin stop Mayo in  Sunday’s All Ireland final would be to have a goal keeper with extra large hands! The class looked at pictures of Croke Park, the Dublin team in action and Stephen Cluxton in goal to give us inspiration for our own goalies. Here are some pictures of the boys busy at work in the art room.

Up the Dubs!

2nd Class Art 2nd Class Art

  1. they look so cool well done second class

  2. Thanks for giving all the help so we would win Sam.Thanks 2nd class!

  3. Sam has came home back to Molly Malone

  4. Well done Lee!

  5. well done second class,keep it up

  6. well done second class

  7. Well Done Second Class You Are Very Good At Art.Keep It Up.

  8. I love doing that kind of art well done

  9. Hopefully Mr.Burke didn’t see that

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