Lego Chessboard

Jack and Darragh completed their Lego Chessboard today and with great results.  Well done lads.

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  1. Brilliant board lads….very creative

  2. Hey,I’m jack the creator of the pieces of the lego chess board,ironically the pieces took 4 hours and the board took 30 minutes!

    If you come to this school in 2nd class you’ll get to play on this board and you’ll have lots of fun here in FRANCIS STREET

  3. this is so cool i hope i can play with it on friday.well done Jack and Darragh

  4. Well done lads that is a good chess board

  5. Cant wait to play on it with Jack.We will be the first to play on it :)!!!

  6. I also helped

  7. well done Jack and Darragh,and Vincent

  8. Me and Darragh cole had the first game yesterday and I won 🙂

  9. well done to jack and darragh cool chess board

  10. You Did A Very Good Job Jack,Darragh And Vincent.

  11. I helped too you know how can they forget about me