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Volcanic Chemistry!


2nd Class Scientists after their first experiment

2nd Class Scientists after their first experiment

Not only have 2nd Class been singing a song about a volcano is Mexico, learning how they happen and where they are found but we had a chance this week to make our very own volcano in class.

We created this with a very simple acid-base reaction and a lovely plaster model made by a boy in our class.
We used baking powder (base), food colouring, a tiny amount of washing up liquid and vinegar (acid). Our method was simply to add 2 teaspoons to the container, a tiny drop of washing up liquid, 2 drops of food colouring, then pour in some vinegar and watch the chemical reaction take place.
The vinegar and baking powder react to make a foam and the bubbles we see are carbon dioxide gas (CO). When we repeated the experiment we changed the order that we added the materials, used water instead of vinegar and changed amounts. We recorded all our results and discussed them afterwards.
This is a simple experiment that could be tried at home and is a good example of Kitchen Chemistry.
Preparing the reaction

Preparing the reaction

The reaction foaming

The reaction foaming

  1. This looks brilliant….well done Young Scientists!!

  2. Fantastic! Well done lads!

  3. Hope all you young scientists ejoyed a science lesson:-)

  4. Great job 2nd class

  5. well done 2nd class keep it up

  6. Great Job 2nd Class Keep It Up