Bryen is very,very mean.
He beats and then he leaves unseen.

He kickes,punches and hits all around.
I can’t even sit down.

He is a very horrid creature.
I am going to tell my teacher.

He is a devil sent from hell.
After break I’m going to tell.

I thought telling on him would be fun.
It turns out he’s the principal’s son!

By Sean L (fifth class)

Since I Have Told

Why does he make feel so sad?
after all I’m just an ordinary lad.

He is the strongest boy I’ve ever seen,
but why does he have to be so mean?

Just because you feel bad inside,
doesn’t mean you have to make me annoyed.

You just do it to make me afraid,
but why are you doing it your not getting paid.

I feel bad as well,
that’s why I am going to tell.

Since I have told, life is the best
and for you life is a real test.

Since I have told, I have felt free
and for you well you feel just like the old me.

By Sean M (fifth class)

  1. Super poems! Well done boys.

  2. Well done

  3. Thanks!

  4. Well done boys on such great recitations at assembly! Very poignant poetry.

  5. Well done best 3 out of the school brilliant achievement!

  6. well done to all the people who wrote those poems they are brilliant

  7. Thanks for all the great comments

  8. I loved listining to them pomes well done Sean L and Sean M

  9. well done on the poems sean power

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