The Choir & their Star Soloist

The Francis St Choir & their star soloist blew the audience away at assembly today.  Really amazing stuff by all involved.  Special thanks to Ms. McQuaid (and Mr. McQuaid) for all of their hard work too!

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  1. well done Aaron you should go and do the xfacter

  2. well done AARON you have a natural singing voice!!!!

  3. It was really run singing in the choir

  4. Aaron did great and I hope I can sing next time

  5. You should go on the x factor

  6. Amazing performance by both Aaron and the choir. Well done!!

  7. Fantastic Aaron and the choir well done 🙂

  8. It is that good I can’t stop listining to it super singing Aaron and chior

  9. Well done Aaron and the choir best singing ever.

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