Sports Weekly Roundup

Sports Weekend Round Up

This weekend of sport did not have too many shocks but it was still packed with action! I am going to start with Man Utd against Southampton. Robin Van Persie opened the scoring after  a brilliant ball from youngster Adnan Januzaj, who had signed a 5 year contract earlier in the day, that made it 1-0. For the rest  of the game Utd controlled, but in the last minute, Southampton scored after a flick on  from Lovern got a slight touch from Adam Lallana and went  past David De Gea, ending the game 1-1 which meant another flop from David Moyes, is the Man Utd era over?

While Utd flopped,  Arsenal again impressed after some brilliant play gave them a 4-1 win over Norwich, Mesut Ozil once again stole the show with 2 goals and Aaron Ramsey added to his form with a spectacular worked goal. In Chelsea’s game there were some crazy moments as they also won 4-1 against Cardiff, but Cardiff were the ones who struck 1st. Chelsea’s equaliser brought a lot of controversy after Samuel Eto basically kicked the ball out of  Dave Marshall’s hands and from that Eden Hazard scored. From then on Chelsea soared to a 4-1 win, leaving them in second place!!

Other Premier League Scores

Newcastle 2-2 Liverpool

West Ham 1-3 Man City

Aston Villa 0 -2 Spurs

Stoke 0-0 West Brom (not a surprise)

Swansea 4-0 Sunderland

Everton 2-1 Hull

That is it for this weekend, make sure to  look out for next week’s games. Thank you for listening!

By Alex Ferns

  1. great report Alex

  2. Great knowledge Alex

  3. Great gust great 🙂 Alex hard luck to Villa: -(

  4. Hmmm. Still to early to say the Man United era is over. Great report though !!

  5. Whats your next football report on

  6. Yes sir I agree with both of them well done ALEX

  7. Thank you for your comments,make sure to keep your eye on all the action during the mid term

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