1. Aaron you had to have that picture great job Aaron

  2. Thanks for coming in John with the trophy, hope you can come in next year and hopefully can come in and bring us to Richmond park

  3. great picture lads

  4. the cup is deadly go on the Saints

  5. well done boys looking great

  6. Aaron have to say you deserve that

  7. Aaron that’s for going to all the pats match

  8. Thanks for brining in the trophy Jon

  9. The trophy is huge

  10. The trophy was huge but it’s not that heavey

  11. I wanted yo get my picture with Jon to

  12. I hope Jon brings the trophy in next year

  13. I am very impressed with all of your comments boys! Keep up the good work- Ms Collins

  14. well done Aaron pats are good but shamrock rovers are better★

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