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Last week was a very exciting week here in Francis Street CBS. The whole school got involved in marking Science Week with a number of events over week.

On Monday and Tuesday, classes had an opportunity to chat live online to scientists and ask scientific questions via the I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here! programme.

Wednesday was Health Science Wednesday. One room in the school was transformed into Francis Street Clinic and with the help of 2 special visitors, Doctor Mairéad and Nurse Aoife. All classes took part in activities in the clinic trying out some simple health checks and learned about how our bodies work. We measured our height, weight and temperature; tested our eyesight, listened to our pulse, used a thermometer and stethoscope, played Body Organ Bingo and calculated healthy BMIs. The doctor and nurse were very impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm the boys had for health science and what good students they were during the day.

On Thursday 2nd and 3rd class participated in Science Scavenger Hunt where groups trawled the school for clues and answers to tricky questions. It was great fun!

Friday saw the inaugural Francis Street CBS Science Fair. With 13 superb projects from 4th-6th class covering many disciplines of science and technology, judges Ms. Finnegan and Ms. Feeney had a tough job to judge the participants efforts. Some projects asked and investigated the following “How are taste and smell connected?” and “Is it possible to change the colour of a white flower?”.


The winning projects were

1st Place – Is it possible to charge a mobile phone with a water melon? 6th Class

2nd Place (Joint) – Is it possible for a potato to conduct electricity? and Can heat be generated from a battery and tin foil? 6th Class

3rd Place – Which is the strongest plastic shopping bag? 5th Class


Well done to all involved, it was a great week in school and with the scientific work completed and promise shown by the boys, this bodes well for the future of science in the school and beyond.
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  1. Science week was wonderful

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