1. Here are the names from 3rd class.
    Dhruv- Flames
    Sean Salinger- ice
    Harvey- Calem
    Karl- Mick the chick
    James- Alex
    Sean Ward- Fluffy
    Jacob- Kitty
    Patrick- Stevie G
    Stefan- Chicken little
    jack james- Oliver
    Reece- Speedy
    Farouk- tweety
    Raihan- Elvis
    Luke- puffy
    Jack Burke- Flaus
    Clayton- Emily
    Antonio- Mario
    Luca- Rio

  2. Second Class Boys:
    Jamie and Darragh – Clowney
    Cameron – Tiny
    Alfie and Conor – Snuggles
    Leo – Mason

    Sixth Class Boys:
    Jake – Poachey
    Lorcan – Georgie
    Cameron – Jim
    Boris – Turbo

  3. Ms. Bohan’s Class
    Callum L – Chicken Little
    Charlie – Chocolate Chicken
    Mohammad – Chicken Lickin
    Conor – Little Chick Chick
    Reece B – Jason Chick
    Andre – Mick the Chick
    Nasir – Fluffy the Chick
    Jamie – Klownie
    Ryan – Ryan Chick
    John Paul – John Paul the Chick
    Aaron – Charlie Junior
    Troy – Red Head
    Craig – Messy Chick
    Darragh – Clownie
    CJ – Red Feather

  4. Ms. Feeney 2nd

    Scugly – Alfie H.
    Cutie – Calum Walsh
    Hendrew – Luke
    Snuggly – Dylan
    Steve – Reece
    Chubby Chickie – Conor
    Softy – Jack
    Hatchy – Daniel
    Mason – Leo
    Bob – Sadit

  5. Thay are so cut

  6. Mr.Cluckings

  7. Here are more names for the chicks
    1.Omlet 11.Feathers
    2.Shelly 12.Tweeter
    3.Yoko 13.Tweety Bird

  8. how about poachy or fluffy

  9. Alex Doona Ora – Chicken Little
    Leon Johnston – Lucky
    Anthony Warren – Buttons
    Kyle Warren – Pecky
    Patrick Mongan – Captain Tweety

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