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We have a mini aquarium in our classroom! We have four aquatic creatures a rock goby, a shanny, a beadlet anemone and a brittle starfish. We have to monitor the oxygen levels, water temperature, ensure the tank is clean and feed the fish!!

Some breaking news from 5th today, our brittle starfish “Pentacles” is no longer with us. Our rock goby “Bolt” and our shanny “Ivor” began feasting on the starfish last night! This morning we had to remove Pentacles from the tank.


  1. Nature can be cruel…may Pentacles rest in peace.

  2. Poor Pentacles.I wonder what fish did that to him?R.I.P Pentacles!

  3. its so sad he had to die i felt he was a part of our classroom.

    R.I.P Pentacles

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