On behalf of the entire school community I would like to wish all of the boys in 6th class making their Confirmation this morning and their families, the very best.  Below are some poems written by the 6th class boys in anticipation of their big day….


Our Confirmation

I can’t wait for tomorrow,

It’s our Confirmation.

Jake will be singing the Gospel Acclamation.

We’ll be in the church

shaped like a cross,

but when you’re sitting in it,

it’s like turning to frost.

By Alfie Houlihan Smith

Confirmation Countdown

Now my Confirmation is almost here

It’s a time for happiness, joy and cheer.

Even though I’m as nervous as before,

I hopefully don’t get nervous that much more.

From a month to a week

and a week to a day,

But when it’s all over

I can have fun and play.

Stress free.

No running around town,

No more looking for clothes.

Because what’s almost over is the Confirmation Countdown.

by Darragh Cole

Confirmation Poem

It’s only one day until my Confirmation

My nanny and family think there’s a lot of frustration.

I’m not nervous or scared at all,

the only thing I’m worried about is if I fall.

Yesterday was the Ceremony of Light

it was real relaxing and a beautiful sight.

I’ve been to every mass and I haven’t missed one

but now we’re all finished and done.

Now that this poem is coming to and end

I’m writing this beside Evan my friend.

Now I can’t wait despite the nerves and frustration

and remember, it’s only one day until my Confirmation.

By Aaron Ward

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  1. Congratulations to all the boys in 6th class! Hope you all had a wonderful Confirmation Day.

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