Every Tuesday since September, volunteers from Work Day have been coming into our school to spend time reading with our second class boys. This has been a great project, aimed at improving reading skills and encouraging reading in the home.

Our volunteers have been dedicated, kind and caring with the boys. We have enjoyed tea-parties, Easter parties and a wonderful trip to The Ilac Centre Library. The boys had great fun exploring the library and all it has to offer, they took out membership and are encouraging their families to bring them back regularly.

Here are some photos of the project this year!


Photo_B96F5DA1-842C-10BE-68DA-5FCBC1CBB162 Photo_B8CDE852-C066-4F6D-7AE5-C78240AF0C17 Photo_B7E71A5E-FDD4-27ED-63CA-6CC9A6FC4584 Photo_8595018C-0D74-349F-BAF7-33F45F3D516B Photo_FF18C1E2-5317-0B30-0465-91FA7BBFDE8B Photo_9729B076-D34F-90E6-6FD1-9E03DF977136 Photo_51267F78-9907-7593-C605-79C1403731A0 Photo_456338F1-8FD2-5329-6A09-A178C4922F9A Photo_FA5C31A0-625B-6A4E-E77A-B427E47B1B18 Photo_E38DCC69-1D6B-F227-B07C-D6C30EBDF1DA Photo_D64A3A5A-9B2D-651F-54D0-F7C703ECD803 Photo_CB6E6D90-F204-0D55-1027-5694A7A0D7A3 Photo_1BB617B0-B249-A106-0F39-7C0C3A551CC4




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