England vs Spain
The first was match England vs Spain. England got kick off. Spain were passing well. Just like always. Then England went on the attack and the Spain goalie was forced to dive,he saved it. Spain’s corner was wasted and England went on the attack. Spain were under pressure. Still no goals. It was still 50-50. The Spanish goalie was having a great game. He wasnt getting beat. England tried and tried but Rece wasnt geeting beaten. Then a goal line clearance went straight to the English striker and nutmeged the goalkeeper. 1-0.Then Spain gave it away from tip and Elis showed great skill and scored. 1 after the other. Literly.2-0. Hard luck goalie. OMG another to Elis. 3-0. Thats it. 3-0. Man of the match is Elis.






Italy vs Holland
Straight from kick off Holland attack. The goalie had to make a save from Holland’s corner. Daniel made a great save.Mohammad was on the attack. Bad keeping fell straight to Mohammad and he caught it on the volley on an overhead and Scored a unbeliveable goal. 1-0 Holland. Best goal yet. Then a handball not given and Mohammad scored. 2-0. but the ref gave a handball it was free kick to Italy. Then it was over. 1-0. Man of the match is Mohammad.
Germany vs Argentina

Kick off was for Germany. They were on the attack already. The corner from Argentina was cleared by Hafizi. Germany were on the counter attack. Then a shot from the German striker almost went in top corner. Callum hasnt showed his skill yet. Argentina are in park the bus. Then the first yellow card of the tournoment went to Luke. That was it 0-0. Man of the match ih Hafizi.

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