Match Reports

Spain vs Holland

In the first game of the week it is 2nd vs 1st. Holland got tip and they went on the attack. Then they scored. Mohammad. 1-0 Holland. Spain lost the ball from the attack and Holland punished them with a cross deflected off the defender and in. 2-0 Holland. The Holland players are getting a few knocks. It was a fast paced game so far. Spain were on the attack with Rece but he lost the ball and Holland scored another goal. 3-0 Daniel was the scorer. Spain were not learning fron there mistakes and the lost the ball from tip and Holland scored again. 3-0. Daniel got another one. He nutmegged the goalkepper. Reece was the main man for Spain. Holland were in attack attack attack. Daniel scored another to make it 5-0. Daniel got it again and scored another. 6-0. Daniel got 4. Then that was it. My man of the match is Reece. He didn’t give up. Well done Reece!

Italy vs Germany

In the second game of the week it is 6th vs 4th and Italy get tip. Italy lost the ball straight away. Germany had some great players on their team. Conor picked up the ball and got a goal. 1-0 Germany. Then Germany were on the attack. They got a corner out of it. Callum got on the end of it but just missed. As it went wide it hit one of the linesmen Daniel. It looked sore. Besides the goal it was 50-50. Then Germany were on the attack and got a corner. It was hit low and hard and Callum got on the end of it and got another goal in this tournoment. It went in top corner. 2-0 Germany. Italy lost the ball from tip again and Alfie scored his first of his tournoment. He deserved it. That was the last kick of the game.
3-0 Germany. My man of the match is Alfie. He and Callum were playing one-twos and it paid off. Well done Alfie.
Argentina vs England

In the last game of the week it was 5th vs 3rd , England got tip. The attacked right through the middle of Argentinas defence. It was a great battle in midfield. A corner from Argentina just went wide at the post. Then a handball by the Argentina defender. It was wasted. Then England had a good chance but Elis just missed. Then Argentina had a lucky break but a goal line clearence stopped them going ahead. Then a shot by Elis was saved but it rolled out of the goalies hands and Ryan got on the end of it. Then a shot by Ryan went through the keepers legs and he knocked it in with his heal. 2-0 England. That was it. My man of the match is Ryan. He got a goal and was having a great game. Well done Ryan.

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