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The boys and Ms. Linton enjoying the food at our Mexican Party last week.

Ms. Feeney’s 5th Class have spent a few weeks learning all about Mexico from its geography, history, music, art, food and even learning some basic Spanish. We learned how the Aztecs were the last great civilization in Mexico before their capital Tenochtitlan was defeated by the Spanish Conquistadores in in 1521 and replaced by what is now known as Mexico City and made Aztec masks. We listened (and danced!) to Mariachi music too. As part of our looking at typical Mexican dishes and food, we spent some time working and studying Food Miles and tracking the journey many of our fruits and vegetables make to get to our table. We discussed the good and the bad of transporting food such long distances and the effect this has on the environment. To celebrate the end of our unit of work, we had a Mexican party where we ate tortilla and salsa and made fajita wraps before we played party games.

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