Both our second classes have been enjoying their first taste of chess in Franner this year with the help of our expert coaches from fifth. All this hard work was evident in this years second class chess competition. It was the boys first chance to experience chess in a competition and put to use all that they have learned. The standard was very high and the boys put in a huge effort! The games were played fairly and a lot of fun was had!



2nd Class shaking hands with all smiles before the competition.


Secondly, our school chess team have now qualified for the National Checkmate Finals in Limerick. This is a huge achievement for the lads and the competition will be on May 12th and we want to wish the boys the best of luck! They have worked very hard all year and after a series of tough chess games against local schools we want to wish Daniel (5th), Karl (6th), Clayton (6th) and Hafizi (4th) the best of luck. Try your best lads and you’ll do Franner proud!

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