Active School: Semi Final Preview

3rd and 4th Class Blitz Semi-final Preview

We’re down to our last four teams in our 3rd and 4th Class Blitz. There has been some fantastic games that the referees, Dan and Conor have witnessed. We’ve had some upsets and some amazement. The Semi-Final will take place on the 21st of December. The time on games will be increased to ten minutes a half. The Final will be on the same day. Don’t worry, this will not interfere with Christmas Plays on the above date.

We’ve got some fans questions. One Barca fan said this, “Do you think you will win the tournament?”. There’s more where that came from. “What’s your prediction?”. Some juicy questions there.

Now onto the teams. Barcelona have topped the group with twelve points from four games. They’ve also scored a whopping thirteen goals and conceded none. They are also the favourites to win this Blitz. The team really works as a unit. Pietro “Neymar” Belo was outstanding. So was all the rest. Joseph was a goal-scoring machine. Well done to all the Barca players.

Liverpool started off great with a four nil win over Ballers FC. From then it has been an up and down season, they’ve managed one win, two draws and a loss. Taylor Butler was top goal scorer for Liverpool and was outstanding. The rest of the team were great.

Speaking of Ballers FC they nearly made the cut. They started off poor with two losses but then came back to get a win. It wasn’t enough and they came 5th place. Real Madrid also didn’t make the top four. They lost all of their games except one which they drew. Hard luck Real Madrid and Ballers FC.

Man United and Dublin Celtic were all-round brilliant teams. They came 3rd and 4th. Jack Birrell and Charlie Hanley really done well.

Onto the Semi-Finals!!!

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