Maths week in 4th class

Maths week was a huge success with plenty games and fun! Here are some of the fun things that happened!

Maths Trails

Here are 4th class tallying up the colours of cars that pass by to gather the information to make a bar chart.

They also looked for angles and shapes all around. Here are some….can you guess the shape or angle?

Maths for fun in the classroom

Thanks to all the parents and our friends in A&L Goodbodywho came in to our school and helped play maths games with the boys in the class! 📏📐📊💶

The boys enjoyed games of fractions, addition,multiplication and shape.

3rd and 4th Maths relay

The fastest boy to answer the question won a point for their team. There was great spirit and kindness from both teams! Out of 2 games there was a draw! So well done boys in 3rd, thanks for a great game 👨‍🏫

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