During Assembly, various awards are given out to the students for their performance throughout the week!

The Student Council also give out Birthday Certificates, to say another Happy Birthday to anyone who had their birthday during that week.

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We are also keen supporters of the Pro Kindness Campaign, and we have regular discussions about it during our assemblies. This includes mention of Compliment Day, Random Acts of Kindness, Anti-Bullying Week and Changemaker Week.

The Pro Kindness Campaign encourages children and young people and children to combat the negative social norms, bullying, and inequality with compassion, courage and kindness. It aims to replace the norm of “bullying is cool” with “kindness is cool”, and banish the idea that being kind makes you inferior, soft, or weak.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe at school”

Our Awards…


We love receiving awards! At the moment we are working towards…

  • Our Digital Schools Award
  • Our Active Schools Award
  • Science Awards
  • Yellow Flag
  • Blue Shield (Anti-Bullying)
  • Gaelbhratach

Our Franner boys have joined together in teams to help make these aspirations come to life, such as:

  • The Fit Squad
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • Healthy Promoting School Team
  • Peace Club
  • Green Fingers Team
  • Bathroom Monitors

We are most proud of our Changemaker Award.


We are one of 5 schools in the country to get international recognition for our work. We received the award for our creative approaches to Education and our empathy based curriculum. We have featured in the Irish Times, in the I.N.T.O. magazine and in the Sunday Times.



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Francis St. C.B.S. new website has just won another award.

We are now a Scoilnet Star site!

We have even been showcased on their site – read the full article.