We love being a part of Clubs and Committees. All of our boys are elected by their peers and are very proud to be part of a club or committee.

Please see below for a list of Clubs and Committees that our boys are a part of:


Peace Club

In our school, we have elected students who are known as ‘Playground Friends’ and ‘Peer Mediators’. Their role is to help their fellow students resolve conflict and talk about what is bothering them without an adult. They use Restorative Practice methods when dealing with conflicts, by asking questions like ‘What happened?’, ‘What were you feeling at the time?’, and ‘How can we make things better?’. They also use the S.A.L.T. method, which is: S for stop, A for ask whats wrong, L for listen, and T for talk about it. They understand that this is a really big responsibility, but also that is is a really big step forward in compassion and empathy. It has encouraged our students to open up, understand, and be patient.
The Peace Club also give out Friendship Certificates at assemblies.


Chess Club


We have an amazing Chess Club run by our 6th class teacher Mr. Goggin. In the Chess Club, the boys in 6th class will teach the boys in 2nd class how to play. Everybody in our school gets an opportunity to play they love it. They formulate chess teams, have in-school competitions, and also take part in competitions with other schools around Ireland. Chess is great for developing the problem solving and mathematical side of our brains, and we it’s great for making new friends . We will be on Nationwide soon showing off our abilities. We have an intellectual corner in our school where boys also play chess. It is such good fun!


Anti Bullying Ambassadors

We take bullying very seriously here in school. Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors are really important boys who help boys on the yard and in classrooms if there are issues. These boys advise and if necessary get help from an adult. Importantly these boys model the behaviour of a good friend, a good citizen and a responsible for bringing issues to school staff and students. These boys speak during assembly and are vital in insuring that our school is a Telling School. These boys with MS Finnegan are in the process of getting our Blue Shield.


Green Team/ Eco Council

20150313_101741 clean up

Our Green Team have been working hard around the clock to make sure that our school is environmentally friendly, and that every Franner boy knows what it means to be efficient with our resources.We are very proud to say that we have both a Litter Green Flag and an Energy Green Flag, demonstrating our dedication to keeping our planet spinning happily! Our Green Team are making sure that lights are switched off when we leave the rooms, that computers are switched off in the evenings, and that we are not using any electronics when we don’t need them. Every day,committee members do light and bin spot checks.
We have also had what we called an ‘Energy Day’, where the whole school came together to support and spread awareness of energy efficiency. We had presentations, a clean-up of the school and its surrounding area, games and activities, experiments, and an hour where all of the appliances and all of the electricity was turned off. Through this, we realised how much energy we don’t really need to use every day, and we now feel even more confident to take this knowledge home with us to our families.


Team Greenfingers


This team look after our fabulous window farm. They are very busy at the moment as there are green flies- so we are looking for ladybirds to help us keep our herbs and plants healthy.


Healthy Promoting School Committee

Having a healthy lifestyle is really important for our boys. The boys in this committee advise the students with Mr Doyle about the importance of eating healthy, getting enough sleep, not watching too much television, doing exercise and practicing strategies for positive mental health.

This committee helps the boys and their parents develop healthy habits and daily routines. This group work hard with the Principal and staff when organising days important for the Pro Kindness Campaigns. This group does surveys of pupils diets, exercise and sleep habits and uses the data to inform their campaigns. They are adamant that our boys learn better when they are healthy in their minds and bodies.


Active School Committee and Fit Squad


Our Franner members of the Fit Squad aim to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle among the rest of their fellow students and staff. They are working towards achieving an Active Schools Flag for the school.
Earlier this year, we had our school’s version of ‘Operation Transformation’, where every class one by one would do various exercises every morning for ten minutes. These included running, sit-ups and push-ups, high knee jumps and star jumps. The boys really enjoyed themselves and got an idea of how beneficial it can be to be even just a little bit active every day. Ms Nolan and Sinead are working hard for us to get our Active School Flag.


Language Clubs

Did you know that we have a French Club with Ms Rushe? Our 5th class boys are also learning Spanish with Ms Feeney!
What an opportunity to be able to learn these languages at a young age as it will open up so many doors for the future. Think of the places you would be able to visit if you were a multi-linguist. Not only will it make travel easier, it will also open up many more career opportunities. Learning a language is a really important skill for our boys in Secondary School.

Music Club


Music is good for our souls, helps us feel better and did you know helps develop our maths skills. Our music club with Ms. Feeney have boys who play the guitar, the violin, the drums and the cello. These boys play at assemblies and are a large feature in our End of Year Ceremony. We have a school band- School of Rock! Please join!


Art Club


We love art here in our school. We explore different artists and often visit the National Art Gallery. Our Art Club with Ms Finnegan explores different art mediums and help us express ourselves. We often explore social issues through art and work through issues such as bullying, peer pressure and making good choices.


Debating Team


We love to debate. Debate increase our confidence and self esteem. It encourages our oral language skills and importantly is great fun. We get to explore social issues and matters of importance to us , our school, our community and our world .We debate with other schools and with each other.


Digital Club

DSC_0006 (4)

We recognise the importance of digital literacy as we strive to become 21st century learners. We know that in the next 10 years 4/5s of all jobs will require us to be proficient in I.T. With this in mind we are all a part of a digital club that promotes I.T. proficiency, coding, java script and more.


Yellow Flag Club

We are looking for a new name for our Yellow Flag club which is in the process of being set up by Mr Burke. This process and group will encourage inclusion and equality in our school. Watch this space….

Clubs and Committees October 27, 2010