Positive Mental Health in Franner

“There is no health without mental health”

In Franner, we aim to promote positive mental health in all of our students. We understand the deep importance that having a positive mental well-being can have on our overall physical health and success in life. We want to see every one of our students going into the world feeling contented in themselves and confident about facing the life ahead of them.

Positive mental health includes self-esteem, the ability to solve problems and the ability to adapt to mental stresses.

Mental Health is about :

  • How we feel about ourselves
  • How we feel about others
  • How we are able to meet the demands of life


Friends for Life

We have a ‘Friends for Life’ programme in our school. Friends for Life is a positive mental health regime for school children. The programme helps students to develop effective strategies to deal with worry, stress and change, and teaches the skills required to reduce anxiety and promote resilience.

Its positive, child-friendly approach gives our students a great and inviting introduction into their own mental well-being and safety.

The word ‘FRIENDS for Life’ is an acronym that helps children to remember the coping steps to follow:

F – Feeling Worried?
R – Relax and feel good
I – I can do it!
E – Explore solutions and coping step plans
N – Now reward yourself
D – Don’t forget to practice 
S – Stay cool!


The Friends for Life programme has promising research showing that it can make a significant contribution to building resilience and improving the emotional well-being and educational outcomes for young people in Irish schools.

Incredible Years



We are an Incredible Years school and all our teachers are trained in Incredible Years. This is a programme that promotes positive reinforcement, empathy building and ‘catching children being good’. This programme has transformed classroom management in Irish schools and we are very proud to champion it here.