Our Super Green School!


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Our school currently has two green flags. Isn’t it easy being green?


Our Green Team have been working hard to make sure that our school is environmentally friendly, and that every Franner boy knows what it means to be efficient with our resources.

They have demonstrated great dedication to keeping our planet spinning happily! They are making sure that lights are switched off when we leave the rooms, that computers are switched off in the evenings, and that we are not using any electronics when we don’t need them. Every day, committee members do light and bin spot checks. A meeting is held every month with the Green Team coordinator Ms. Nolan.

We have had what we called an ‘Energy Day’, where the whole school came together to support and spread awareness of energy efficiency. We had presentations, a clean-up of the school and its surrounding area, games and activities, experiments, and an hour where all of the appliances and all of the electricity was turned off. Through this, we realised how much energy we don’t really need to use every day, and we now feel even more confident to take this knowledge home with us to our families.


Just remember that the planet needs our help staying healthy!