Every boy at Franner knows the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. This includes really taking care of your physical well-being by eating healthily and practising good hygiene, and it is important to take care of your mental well-being too.

Look at our Good Health Clock!



To lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important to…

  • fit in some exercise every day – you could even jog to school
  • make sure that you eat a balanced diet – don’t forget your food pyramid
  • bathe every day – don’t forget to use soap
  • drink plenty of water – at least ten glasses a day
  • get plenty of sleep – eight to nine hours
  • stay positive and relaxed – a healthy mind leads to a healthy body
  • be sure to fit in time to enjoy yourself and do something you like!


There are so many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle, like a better moods, stronger immunities, longer lives and greater energy levels!