Art Room



DSC_0172DSC_0148We have a fully facilitated art room in our school,where the children have access to paints, clay, pencils, crafting materials and even knitting. Every class has a period for art, and are encouraged to experiment with different art styles and different textures or mediums.


We also have a small art club in place at the moment, which is run by Ms. Finnegan.

Look at some of their work below!




As well as showing some of our own art on the walls and in the classrooms, we are currently showing some marvellous paintings done by Deepa Bhamidipati, a parent of one of our boys.

Some of Deepa’s work below:


If you’re interested in any of Deepa’s work, feel free to take one of her business cards from below her statement.


Our Musical Endeavours…

We have both a guitar club and a choir here in the school, both of which your son can join at any time.

Each boy in the guitar club is provided with a guitar, which they can take home with them for practice purposes. The club have performed for the school many times, showing us their true talent and dedication!


As well as guitars, we have keyboards, drums and recorders in the school!



A lot of our boys are in the school choir, and will regularly perform during assemblies and school events such as Confirmations and Communions. They have also performed at the RDS! During the Christmas period, they can be found entertaining everyone with carols on Thomas Street. The choir is currently run by our very dedicated Deputy Principal Ms. McQuaid.

DSC_0064 (2)








Franner Rock ‘n’ Roll Band !

We’re putting together a rock and roll band, equipped with extreme mullets, star shaped guitars and crowd surfing!

Okay, maybe not the crowd surfing, but why not the mullets and crazy cool guitars?



Stay tuned for more news!