So what is Playworks?


Playworks’ vision is to turn lunchtime into a fun, inclusive and emotionally supportive period during the day versus have it be one of the most chaotic periods of a school day, with children getting hurt or left out. They strive to encourage empathy and leadership skills in children during playtime.

Children are introduced to problem-solving skills in the yard, to help settle their own disputes with independence so they can carry on playing with their peers. Yard is meant to be a fun learning experience, right? Absolutey, and that’s exactly what Playworks is trying to bring to life.

With Playworks, our children play like mad, laugh out loud, and high-five with joy. Whether it’s playing through their imagination or a game with rules to follow, they carry a sense of empowerment and belonging with them into their classrooms, their communities, and out into the world.