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Active Schools

Our school is taking real steps to becoming an active and healthy school. Click on the picture to find out more and read updates on our ‘Active’ news!


We think Reading is Cool!

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Volunteers from Workday come into our school every Tuesday to read with our 2nd class boys. The programme is called Time2rRead. Every boy really enjoys their time reading and letting their imaginations run wild. We also have a ‘Buddy System’ in place, along with paired reading, and sometimes parents come in to read with the children! Literacy is a huge focus in our school and remember Reading is Cool! Click on the picture to find out more:




We’re a part of Playworks! Playworks is an organisation that aims to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play. They encourage children to be leaders, to play inclusively and to, of course, have fun! Click on the photo to find out more!

Student Council and The Anti-Bullying Committee/ Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


We have both a Student Council and an Anti-Bullying Committee in place to give our students a voice and empower them to make positive changes in their school and community. These initiative s also teach about responsible local and global citizenship. Click on the picture to find out more:

Mindfulness, Yoga, Family Yoga and Restorative Practice

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Here in Francis St CBS, we practice mindfulness, yoga, and restorative practice. These initiatives increase concentration, focus and attention span. They expand creativity and promote thinking and memory. Restorative practices enable us to talk in circles when we wish to express matters important to us. Click on the picture to find out more:

‘Friends for Life’, Incredible Years and Positive Mental Health


“There is no health without mental health”

In Franner, we aim to promote positive mental health in all of our students through many initiatives such as Friends for Life. All our teachers are trained in Incredible Years. Click on the picture to find out more:

Assemblies and Awards


We hold an assembly once every week, where we discuss weekly events, hand out awards, and talk about the Pro Kindness Campaigns. Our clubs and committees often speak about issues and events. We often have debates, sing and discuss oral language words. Click on the picture to find our more:

CoderDojo, Scratch, Franner Examiner and Social Media

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Our students have the opportunity to learn how to write code and develop programmes with the help of some volunteers from Workday. We recognise that Code is an important skill for 21st Century learners. We have a News Team made up of students from all classes who work on their website and record news broadcasts of news updates from the school. We also follow our school activities on Twitter. Click on the picture to find out more:


Solas Project


We work closely with the  SOLAS Project. They are a community based project in the locality that run After School Clubs, The Yard and Summer Camps. We are very proud of our wonderful relationship with SOLAS Project and love our annual Dragons Den Project. This year 5th class got the opportunity to work with Google staff and visit Google this year with SOLAS Project.

Green School


We have a very active and dedicated Green Team/ Eco Council , who make daily efforts to support our green school and our forever ageing planet. We have 2 Green Flags. Click on the picture to find out more:

Gardening and Turtles


Yes, you read right. We have two turtles here in Francis St CBS. We also have a window garden and a plot of land in Flanagan’s Field. We support the ever-growing need to eat healthily and we are aware of the benefits that growing our own food can have. We have even grown mint for tea and rosemary for cooking in our window garden. Click on the picture to find out more:

Healthy Schools


We are a healthy school! Every boy gets their very own personalised lunch delivered every morning. We promote healthy eating and have no unhealthy food in school. Click on the picture to find out more:

Philosophy and Thinking Time


We are a thinking school, and that means that our children have adapted to really understanding their thoughts and taking hold of them. We encourage our children to be open minded, responsible, aware, and develop what is known as a ‘Thinking Toolbox’.

S.T.E.M – Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths


Teaching our kids key lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We aim to expand their levels of interest, intelligence, and logical thinking.

Local and Global Citizenship

We have raised funds for Nepal, World Autism Day, and have also worked closely with the Eco Council and local community gardens.

Us and our Local Amenities


From picnics in Patricks Park to Dubhlinia, and trips to the cabbage patch and theatres, our Franner boys love visiting the school’s local amenities.



“Guiding children through life’s storms”

Social Entrepreneurship


Our Students are Social Entrepreneurs. They put their minds together to come up with ideas and solutions which aim to support and improve our society today. This helps to develop ambition, intuition and a strong rational mind in our boys.



We aim to be Gaeilgeoiri here in Francis St CBS.

Peace Builders


Peacebuilders aims to provide youth with a fair process and appropriate access to justice, empowering them to overcome personal challenges, continue their education, make better choices and realise their full potential.

We practise Circle Time. Click on the picture to read more about it…

Music, School of Rock and Art


We believe in the importance of the arts in our children’s education. The arts unleash creativity and enhance children’s development. Learning to create and appreciate visual and musical aesthetics is more important than ever to the next generation of children as they grow up. We have a school rock band and choir to enhance musical appreciation. Click on the picture to find out more:



We provide a number of sports here in Francis St CBS and promote physical wellness and fitness.

Some of the sports we offer include: GAA, Rugby, Tag Rugby, Kickboxing, Rowing, Hurling, Soccer, Swimming and Athletics. Click on the picture to find out more:

Clubs and Committees


The boys in our school have the opportunity to be a part of the following Clubs and Committees: The Student Council, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, The Fit Squad, The Green Team, Social Justice Squad, The Changemakers, Franner Farmers, The Franner Band and Chess Club. Click on the picture to find out more:

Praise Hour and Golden Book


Our Praise Hour and Golden Book initiative are a part of the Pro Kindness Campaign. Every day from 1.30 to 2 p.m. is Praise Hour where boys can go to Ms Collins’ office for praise. Our Principal gives us certificates with ‘My Principal is Proud of Me…” Click on the picture to find out more:


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