Window Farms

We have a hydroponic window farm system in our school! We have grown so many herbs such as rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, and parsley!

Space is a premium in the inner city, which is why we have developed this window farm. It is a lot of responsibility  to make sure that the plants are healthy and that the watering system is working properly! But we love it, and it is so much fun to grow plants this way.


Watch the video on Cre8 Sustainability in Francis St CBS.

Changemaker School


Being one in just five schools in Ireland to receive a Changemaker Schools award, we are proud to be recognised as an innovative and progressive school in the 21st Century.

A Changemaker School is one which empowers young people to be changemakers – children with the empathy, creativity, teamwork and leadership skills to unleash the full potential of themselves and others. The next generation leading social, environmental and economic development.

Click here to watch our video from the Changemaker Day in April!

Digital Highlights

  • Every class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and PC, and has access to: digital and video cameras, tablets, voice recorders, and age appropriate education software packages.
  • Our after school Literacy Club and News Team work on The Franner Examiner website creating videos and news updates from the school.
  • A laptop trolley with 52 laptops for students to use.
  • Every year, some of our students enter projects in digital award competitions such as Scratch, Photostory, Clay Animation etc. Our students work with Coderdojo and have a Coding classes.
  • We are proud owners of a Digital School Award.
  • Our students are experimenting with the art of robotics.

Schoolyard & Astro Turf

  • Our school yard has a section that is entirely fitted with an Astroturf surface.
  • Each class is assigned their own football pitch.
  • We also have an intellectual area called ‘The Intellectual Corner’ in our yard for students who wish to read, play chess or do other activities during their break time.



Parents Association

  • The Parents Association play a very active role in our school and have raised funds for the astro-turf pitch, PE equipment and much more.
  • Fund raising activities include organising a Christmas fair, raffles, cake sales, bag packing and hot chocolate day!
  • Parents participate in shared reading and maths, cooking as well as Science for Fun

Religion and the Christian Brothers Schools

  • We are a proud Christian Brothers School, but we accept pupils from all religious and cultural backgrounds.
  • Religion is taught in class every day by the discretion of the parents, and these boys also take part in both their Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Homework Club

  • The SICCDA after school club runs from 2-45 – 5.45.
  • The staff help the boys with their homework and many other activities are provided including art and craft, cooking and sports.
  • The boys go on many trips including museums, galleries and the cinema.

School Library

  • We now have an amazing new library thanks to the generous people at A&L Goodbody who have repainted our library walls, installed shelves and new carpet to provide the perfect space for some much loved reading time.
  • Some of our favourite illustrations from Roald Dahl line the walls to inspire us as each class reads on a daily basis.
  • Every year there is a book fair in our school and the boys also participate in the MS Readathon and we celebrate World Book Day.

Art Room

  • We have a fully equipped art room and each boy has an art portfolio.
  • We have a resident Art Therapist
  • The boys partake in the Texaco Art competition and every Christmas we hold an art competition in the school which raises funds for Crumlin Children’s Hospital.




Our website has been a Scoilnet Star site!

School Features February 12, 2013