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Mr. Burke

Lemonade Sale with 3rd Class Boys

  3rd class boys have been very busy working on their lemonade project –  from making the lemonade using mint from our Window Farm to designing and packaging their own lemonade making kits.  A wonderful afternoon was had when the boys’ parents came to taste and enjoy

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Mr. Doyle


It’s been a very busy September in 6th class. We have been learning all about New Zealand and we performed the haka as gaeilge at assembly. We are doing tag rugby with Steven on a Monday and we go swimming on a Wednesday. We recently started a

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Mr. Goggin

Peace Circles go the Full Turn

Yesterday we said thank and au revoir to the wonderful Lucy who has been visiting 4th class over the past few months, helping us through the Peace Builders/Peace Circles programmes where we learned about life values such as love, honesty, integrity and empathy. We appreciate Lucy for

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Ms. Finnegan

Easter Egg Competition

If you would like the chance to win one of our Easter Hens, just comment below with a name for one of our Francis St. C.B.S. chicks. Each time you comment, your entry will be kept hidden and names will be picked next week. Good luck!

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Ms. McQuaid

Maths Classes for Parents

We have a 6 week Maths Class starting here in the school on Thursday 16th October. This is a chance for parents to revise a variety of methods for helping their children with their maths homework.   The topics covered will be: Week 1; Addition & Subtraction

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Ms. Nolan (HSCL)

Dad’s Soccer Blitz!

The Dublin 8 annual Dad’s soccer blitz was held in St. Catherine’s community centre on Friday May 20th. This event is always highly anticipated and enjoyed by the dad’s and pupils alike. This year, our team got to the semi-finals and were narrowly beaten by St. Enda’s. 

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Ms. McCallion

Cycling Safety Course

4th class boys are taking part in a cycling safety course run by Ruairi from DCC.  The boys are learning lots of tips about how to cycle safely on a road as well as being put through their paces in obstacle courses on the yard.  This programme

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Ms. Linton

Our Window Farm is back!

Last Wednesday 3rd Class boys along with our Urban Gardener Team had a busy afternoon planting new herbs and potting them up on our Window Farm.  Our Franner Farmers will be busy watering, pruning and keeping an close eye on our herbs.  Looking forward to watching it

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Ms. Crowley

Christchurch Cathedral

2nd classes got to visit Christchurch Cathedral this week as they are learning about the local area. They got to ring the bells and had a fantastic tour. They even got to go down to the crypts. Watch the highlights below…

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Teachers Blog February 11, 2013